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About AK Inverted

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AKInverted was originally known as Pole Fitness and Dance, Juneau when it first began in 2014.  Alyssa is the owner, operator, and principal instructor, whom began teaching private lessons out of her basement in 2014.  By the end of 2014, Alyssa was set up in the Suite907 club-like bar teaching a few group classes a week.  In 2016, Pole Fitness and Dance, Juneau was offering classes at Mountainside Wellness studio downtown as well as Suite907.

Eventually Pole Fitness and Dance transitioned solely to Mountainside Wellness.  After about a year there, Alyssa relocated to Anchorage, AK for two years for a Masters program.  One of the years of which she was again, teaching private lessons out of her home.  Eventually, Pole Fitness and Dance came back to Juneau to practice with Mountainside Wellness studio and it was during this time that the name AKInverted came to be.  In Feb. 2019, AKInverted invested in brand new state of the art equipment and supplies and paired up with The Yoga Path in Lemon Creek to create a pole fitness boutique complete with six stainless steel 10ft XPoles.  In MAy of 2022, AK Inverted found its new and current location at 2525 Industrial Blvd, with vaulted high ceilings, allowing AK Inverted to grow their class offerings from solely Pole to now offering Lyra, Silks, and Dance. 

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