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Floorwork Fridays

This is currently a virtual class. 

Introduction to exotic Floorwork moves and technique that encourage your sexy, slinky, and power-house side to shine.  Intended to bring you some self love and fun during these times of isolation.  Shoes and knee pads recommended but not required.

beginner pole.jpg
Beginner Pole Fitness

Beginner Pole Fitness is designed for the first time poler, or anyone that has tried pole fitness before, taken the Intro to Pole Fitness Series, or for those that just want a good steady workout routine!  In this class we cover core concepts and poses and conditioning.  You will also begin to learn Beginner level tricks and transitions.  

pole 1 condt trickd.jpg
Pole 1 
and Tricks

This is currently a virtual class. 

Pole conditioning to keep you fit for the apocalypse and tricks that can be strung together, giving you lots to work on during the week until we meet again!  A pole is required.  No inverts in this class.  Laybacks will be explored.  Perfect for beginner and intermediate students at home.

pole 1and2.jpg
Pole 1&2

Designed for the experienced Beginner and Intermediate students.  This class covers flow, transitions, tricks, and conditioning.  This class is best for those that are strong Beginners that have been poling for a least 3 months, and for Intermediate students looking for consistency in training.  We will work on staple moves like laybacks, choppers, and leg hangs.  

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Intro To Pole
Fitness: Beginner Series

This Introduction to Pole Fitness series will introduce you to the fundamentals and core components of Pole Fitness.  This series is a great way to get a taste for what Pole Fitness is about!  Perfect for first-timers. We will cover basic floorwork, climbing, transitional moves around the pole, staple moves like fireman, lady sit, carousel kick, and many more. (Please note that various other Intro/Beginner classes are available during the week and can be substituted if a Friday series class is missed for any reason).This is a 5 week series.

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