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Policies and Procedures

Here you will find studio policy, guidelines and answers to frequently asked questions.  


Class Conduct

1) Door will be locked 5 mins after class start.  Please notify teacher via email or text if you plan to be tardy.

2) Late students wont be permitted to attend.  No refund.

3) No walk-ins.  Must register online in advance.  This includes no cash payments or “invoic

4) Clothing must cover nips and bits. 

5) No lotion or jewelry. 

6) Adequate hygiene to be maintained upon class attendance, no strong perfume or scents.  

7) No teaching over the teacher. Please make no attempts to teach another student anything that is being taught in the class or anything you have learned in another class. 

8) Please stick to the level of the class that you are in and follow instruction cooperatively. For example, do not do intermediate moves in a beginner class, and do not attempt tricks or progressions outside of what is being taught in the immediate class unless otherwise instructed to do so.  

9) Be respectful of your instructors and refrain from rude comments, belittling comments, mocking, teasing, or making fun of – in any capacity.  

10) Please keep cross-student banter to a minimum unless directly related to the class.  

11) If you are perceived to be intoxicated you will be asked to leave. No use of illicit substances prior to or during a class is permitted.


12) Please spray down your mat with the alcohol spray solution and wipe your mat with a rag. 


Studio Jam Sessions

1) Do not bring guests with you to Jam unless they have registered online.

2) Please turn off Pathfinder320 speaker after done with use.

3) Please do not use or tamper with any other studio equipment that does not pertain to the Jam session you registered for.  

4) Please do not stay past the time you have registered for.  

5) Please be respectful of other students at the studio during a Jam session.

6) DO NOT attempt to teach other students that are using Jam time.  You may share and explore together but no sense of formal instruction should be occurring.  

7)  DO NOT touch or hang from the wooden support beams in the studio.  

8) Please contact studio admin immediately if you see anything suspicious or out of the ordinary.  907 500 8485.


Registration, Cancellations and Refunds

1) You must register online to attend a class.

2) Class registration closes 2hrs before class start time. 


3) Cancelations must be done 2hrs prior to class start time, at the latest.  This can be done by viewing your confirmation email, which will allow you to make adjustments to your booking if you are before the 2hr window.  You will only get a refund if you cancel before the 2hr window.  

4) Rescheduling: you can reschedule your booking to another week instead of canceling!  But, as described above, it must be done prior to the 2hr cut off time.  



1) What do I wear to a Pole Class?
Shorts and a tshirt/tanktop/sports bra.

2) Can I wear just my underwear to Pole Class?

Yes, as long as it covers your bits appropriately and follows basic hygiene expectations.  

3) Can I use the studio privately to practice for myself if I pay a fee?

We currently don't have any studio rentals happening but we are open to discussing rental options however, this is predominantly for groups and weekly classes. 

4) Can I teach as a guest artist at AKInverted?
Yes!  Please share with us your talents and passions and ideas and we would be happy to see if your offerings are a good fit for us.  We often hold workshops for guest artists.  

5) Can I bring a friend or family member to watch my class?
Yes, but it must be approved with instructor before-hand and they cannot participate unless they have registered online.

6) The studio puts on shows, can I perform or be in a show?  Our nAKed shows are a closed cast only, meaning the casts have already been determined and there is no open auditions for the shows.  We do, however, work with Juneau Vaudeville - which students are allowed to audition for (only for Pole at this time 18+).  Please reach out to your instructors for the audition form/requirements.  We will also be hosting studio showcases, our first one beginning this Fall.  

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